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Our heavy-duty workover model include:  
XJ90(XJ350), XJ110(XJ450), XJ135(XJ550), XJ160(XJ650), XJ180(XJ750), XJ225(XJ850)
Light-duty workover rigs are designed and manufactured in accordance with the same API Spec and technical standards as heavy-duty workover rigs. We are manufacturing 7 TO 8 grades light-duty workover rigs. The models are XJ30, XJ35(XJ150), XJ40, XJ50, XJ60(XJ150), XJ70(XJ250), XJ80(XJ250).
ZJ70DB Drilling depth (m):15000-23000;5″DP 13000-20000;Max hook load (lbs):1000000;Hook speed (ft/s)0-3.9;Mast height (ft):148;Mast type: K type;Height of the drill floor (ft): 29.53、34.45; Substructure type:Swing-up;Engine:CAT3512;Engine power (No×hp):4×1676;hydraulic transmission;  JC70DB Drawworks with 2146 horse power; Disc main brake; FDWS70 Auxiliary brake; Main wireline diameter 11/2"; YC450, DG450 hook block; Swivel:SL450; Rotary table model:ZP375; 3 set mud pump, totally 3540 horse power; Working pressure of the hydraulic system:2030/2320psi; Working pressure of air system:143psi;Weight:880000lbs.
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XQ Pacific Group Corporation is incorporated in Ontario province Canada by Canadian law on Oct 28, 2009. It is an integrated service group.
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XQ Pacific Group Corporation manufacturing partner has passed ISO9001/2000 since 1995 and been granted the right to use API Specification certificate including 8A, 4F, 11E ,7K and 8C monogram on the products.
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