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    XQ Pacific Group Corporation is incorporated in Ontario province Canada by Canadian law on Oct 28, 2009. It is an integrated service group.

    We at XQ Pacific Group Corporation are dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the industry to our clients. The focus of XQ Pacific Group Corporation business revolves around Drilling Rig, Workover Rig, drilling equipments and Petroleum Special Vehicles in North America, South America, Europe and Middle East Countries.

    Our company is by far close to reaching over 10 years of service and supply in the logging and 5 years of service and supply in Oil and Gas industry including precision parts & equipments, which gives us some advantage of valued work experience. Over the time past, the market has driven us the upside and down sides of being involved into oil & gas industry. XQ Pacific Group Corporation has begun making our name as a gradually known to the every corner in Oil and Gas industry. We have kept up with the values, responsibilities, and know how to continue providing quality service for years to come. Our employees, representatives are dedicated to properly representing the operators, producers, professionals & consultants, and engineers that make our achievements happen. We have invested time and assets into reducing our customer's cost, time and work load. As a service provider group company, we can effectively produce the documentation needed to fulfill necessary compliance requirements prior to, and after a project happens. If you are looking for a result driven company with honesty, reliability, and integrity; we are the one to contact. We take pride in a start to provide quality services and maintenances that help your company‚Äôs growth.

    XQ Pacific Group Corporation is willing to cooperate with all export-oriented companies including manufacturers, service companies, import & export companies etc. We will commit to provide quality services to all customers; We look forward to working with all our potential and existing clients to resolve and improve drilling rig, workover rig and petroleum special vehicles programs. We would like to thank all the people who have helped keep XQ Pacific Group Corporation in business since registered, and welcome potential clients who can benefit from our services.

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