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Truck Mounted 3000m VFD drilling rig
Technical specification
Structure type                              double drum, truck-mounted and self-propelled
Nominal drilling depth                   10000 ft (41/2″DP)
Max. hook load                             400000lbs
Engine power                               2×475hp(two sets )
Engine model                               CAT3408(two sets )
Drive way                                    Hydraulic +mechanical
Transmission model                      Allison 5961(two sets )
Drawworks gear NO.                    5F+1R
Mast height                                  118/125(ft)
Traveling system                          4×5/5×6
Wireline dia.                                 Φ11/4 in
Hook block speed                          0.66~4.59(ft/s)
Substructure height                       19.685ft
Opening dia. of rotary table            27.5in
Chassis drive way                         14×8
Main unit weight when moving       170000lbs
Overall dimension when moving     73×10×15 (ft)
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